The Life You Save

by Whiteside's Daughter

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NOTE: If you are streaming on a player that doesn't allow gapless playback, you may use the "full program" files of Act I and II (tracks 15 & 16). If you subscribe to iMatch, this can also cause problems with your download playback, and you may want to listen to the full program files as well.


released June 7, 2019

Produced by Whiteside's Daughter

Stephen Poff: vocals
Brian Hughley: drums, exclamations
Steve Deaton: guitars, bass, keys, vocals

Special Guests
Molly Brasfield: upright church piano (tracks 1, 7, 14)
Ana Deaton: youth choir (tracks 10, 12)
Ray Gressett: teenage metal shred (track 10)
Clinton Kirby: guitars of the apocalypse (tracks 2, 6)
& yawps of the damned (track 6)
Steve Thomas: Synthesizer of Pentecost (track 10)

Cover Photography: Luke Austin Daugherty

All songs by S. Deaton (BMI)
Track 2: S. Deaton (BMI), W.R. Edgar (ASCAP)
Track 6: C. Clark (BMI), S. Deaton (BMI),
C. Kirby (BMI), S. Thomas (ASCAP)
Track 7: Traditional, arr. S. Deaton (BMI)
Track 8: S. Deaton (BMI), S. Poff (ASCAP)
Track 12: F. Gruber, J, Mohr, arr. S. Deaton (BMI)
Track 13: S. Deaton (BMI), S. Poff (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Whiteside's Daughter Jackson, Mississippi

Southern Gothic prog-rock band Whiteside's Daughter's debut is a concept album about James, the gay son of an Alabama Pentecostal preacher, who in high school rebels and falls in with John, his ex-Baptist atheist classmate and guitarist for a high school death metal band called Village Witch. ... more

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Track Name: ACT I: Prelude
INSTRUMENTAL: (When James was five, he was molested
by his minister father and a group of deacons In
what he thought was a private baptism ceremony.)
Track Name: Don't Take the Mark
(To add to the confusion and horror, he was
terrorized by his father’s sermons about hell,
the rapture, the tribulation. )

"The Beast is here!
Ready to take his people down!
You may be one!
So wise up and look around!"

Daddy says these wicked days are numbered.
Daddy says the Snake is in the marketplace.
Daddy says this world has hit the bottom.
Daddy says prepare for Armageddon.
And Daddy he screams, screams so loud:
"Don't take the mark!"

"The Beast is here!
Ready to place his hand on you!
So turn around!
Repent and give the Lord his due!"

Daddy says his baby boy is evil.
Daddy says his baby boy was born that way.
Daddy says the goats are separated.
Daddy says the molten lake is ready.
And Daddy he screams, screams so loud:
"Don't take the mark!"
Track Name: The Fire Sermon
Track Name: The Tent Show
(James's father, Bro. Joe, moves every four years
or so to con a new congregation.)

It's high time to pack it up and hit another town.
And it's a crime how easily I fleece another clown.
I gotta go. The gospel and the money here's run dry.
I'm Brother Joe. I always make a killing before I fly.

Hey hey, the Pentecostal with the hand of gold.
Hey hey, the Pentecostal with the big tent show. Yeah.
People can I get a witness!
I'm making it my business.

A con man, I always check the weather before I leave.
Sleight-of-hand, I got another spirit up my sleeve.

Hey Sunshine, I make a cripple walk and blind men see.
So drop a dime and see if I can really set you free.
Track Name: Village Witch Demo #1 [car stereo]
(At fifteen, James realizes he is gay. In high school he falls in with John, an ex-Baptist atheist who plays guitar for a
garage death metal band, Village Witch.)

Religion sucks, I said.
Have you felt the cold rattlesnake skin?
Track Name: The God Carnival
Religion sucks, I said
He said, boy, you ain't givin'
Givin' sucks, I said
He said, boy, you ain't livin'
'Til you felt the cold rattlesnake skin
The big welcome-to-son
The god carnival

My own fear confuses
My own Six Flags over Jesus
Track Name: ACT II: Offertory
INSTRUMENTAL: (James is swayed by John's rebellion, but he has confused feelings about his attraction to John and his father's
Track Name: Abomination, Exorcism
(Bro. Joe often delivers fiery tirades against sexual abomination. Once he realizes his son is gay, the congregation performs an exorcism to expel the gay demon from his soul.)

Father, see me, beat me, shove me, love me . . .
Track Name: Village Witch Demo #2 [home stereo]
I spent my young life being a fool
Afraid of the devil and his demons too
Forget what they tell you in Sunday school
Go get some Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath is cool
Track Name: Teenage Rock and Roll Apostasy
John's Saga:
Well he heard when he was young
This town is run by Brother Joe
He heard it high, he heard it low
Because his father told him so
His mother said now go to bed
Sleep well 'cause the world is so
But in his dreams or so it seems
He heard the voice of rock n roll

He sees the poor folks sleeping by the light pole
(I don't think so . . . no Brother Joe)
He sees the black hearts putting on the white robes
(I don't think so . . . not in rock n roll)
He sees the white robes handing out the blindfolds
The men in blindfolds talking 'bout the soul
In high school he was called a fool
They say you can't compete with Brother Joe
So have a beer now don't you fear
Sit back and enjoy the status quo

He sees the black suits preying on the old
He sees the old lady praying 'bout her soul
He sees the gold flow straight to Brother Joe
He sees those never straying from the fold
He doesn't have a clue how to do it
But he knows he hates the man
So join the revolution, we'll hatch a plan

His mother prays please give him faith
Return dear child we're growing old
But Ma you gotta deal with what is real
You don't need faith with rock n roll

The promised land or so we've been told
No one knows just where we're supposed to go
The blue men say trust in Brother Joe
The secret comes when you give away your soul

All my friends can't you see it
They're beating us down
In the heart, in the bed, in the innermost domain

We won't be back here Brother Joe
Track Name: Don't Take the Mark (reprise)
(James writes a suicide note in his bedroom.)

And daddy says his baby boy is evil
And daddy says his baby boy was born that way
And daddy your baby boy is leaving
He'll be cold by Christmas day
Track Name: The Dark and Silent Night
INSTRUMENTAL: (James resolves to kill himself on Christmas Eve.)
Track Name: Death by Hibachi
(James lights charcoal in a metal washtub in the
hatchback of his car. as he begins to lose consciousness,
the car catches fire, and he has visions of hell . . . )

In the Chevy on the sacred site
The clock is watching
Drop the match in, what am I waiting for?
I'm tired of living, I think it's time to go
It's a blessing when we last retire
Gonna see you on the other side, go to sleep now
All around me filling up my lungs, start the fire
Something wrong here, think my throat's on fire
Like I'm falling, I'm on the other side

Falling fast and I'm scared inside
Now I'm in the lake with the fire beside
Going up in flames

Paramedics pull me from the fire, flesh is burning
The guitar man, tell him he is wrong, won't believe you
People listen from the other side
People listen, the body leaves alive
Track Name: Postlude